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Three sections: Who is Eddie Reese?, How Eddie Coaches, and Why So Much Winning? Stories from over 50 former swimmers and coaches about Coach Reese. 130 quotes from the man himself. 

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The hardcover is out of print until 2020.


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A significant portion of each book purchased will be donated to the Eddie Reese-Kris Kubik Legacy Endowment at the University of Texas. 

Book Reviews


Rick Barnes, Basketball Coach #1 Ranked U Tennessee


I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, He's a master of his craft. He works his sport better than anybody I've ever seen. He understands it. He gets it. He understands how it all comes together — mind and body. And he understands competition, what second is, and what it takes to be first.

Mack Brown, Football Coach U North Carolina, 2005 National Champions at Texas


Coach Eddie Reese is a legend in the coaching world and an icon at the University of Texas. He became a great friend to me during our time together at UT and he represents the best of what it means to be a coach and mentor. The lessons recounted in this book are invaluable for anyone interested in become a better leader.

Aaron Peirsol, 5-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder

An emotional and educational read. Although I swam for Eddie for eight years, I still learned more about him from reading this book. 

John Leonard, Executive Director American Swim Coaches Association


This is a brilliant read…..insightful, warm, funny and filled with meaning…just like Coach Reese himself.

Don Heidary, President American Swim Coaches Association

There are few times in a life when one is humbled by an exhibition of life and of its depiction. This is one. This book is a must read, not simply for those in the aquatic world, but for every human being searching for a compass in life and a value system that breeds irrefutable respect and unparalleled success. This is the living example. While this story is powerful and inspiring, its presentation is equally so. Chuck Warner is the preeminent author in the world of swimming and masterfully intertwines the extraordinary success of Coach Reese with the powerful virtues that laid the groundwork for that success.  

Bill Sweetenham, Head National Team Coach at five Olympic Games, coached nine world record holders.

Eddie Reese , no person a better coach and no coach a better person. This book says it all. A master class from a true genius in our sporting world.

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